John Kennex

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John Kennex
John Kennex.jpg
Played By: Karl Urban
Profession: Detective
Partner: Dorian
Former Partners: Detective Pellham
MX-263 #785

[edit] Delta Division Profile

Det. Kennex has served with distinction and high honors in the department. Often characterized as an “unconventional thinker” and “driven” in annual performance evaluations. Led investigation and tactical raid of Case #34P-C91244 last year. Kennex’s team was ambushed. KIA: Tactical squad Bravo One-Seven and Kennex’s partner (Martin Pelham, Det.).

Kennex has returned to active duty after an 18-month medical leave. (MedFile #19FFPD, See SubSection: AMPUTATION, See SubSection: COMA) Initial PolPsych eval suggests Kennex may suffer from depression, trauma-onset OCD, PTSD and psychological rejection of his prosthetic limb. (Eval by Tilden, File #TF102-KJ)


Medal for Valor Purple Shield Police Life-Saving Medal Excellent Police Duty Marksmanship: Expert